Position:Clinical Psychologist ( For Children)

Setting: Office

Job Description: Diagnose mental and emotional disorders of children by observing their actions and running physiological tests.

Median Salary:$80,500 Annually

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Interact with clients to assist them in gaining insight about their personal development
  • Identify psychological, social, and behavioral disorders.
  •  Council clients
  • Use treatment methods to help clients
  • Discuss treatment options

Qualifications: B.S, Masters degree, or PhD. Major in psychology  and have a background in life sciences, therapy, English and customer service.

I am interested in this career field because I have an interest in the human mind especially the minds of children. I would like to do this with children because while their minds are still growing you are still able to change and help them. Characteristics that I think I have that would be best fit for this job is my ability to listen and understand a lot of people. I realized I would like to pursue this career when I figured out I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore but I still want to work with children and help them out. I lost interest in teaching because I figured out it wasn’t for me.

My design for my future career is an office. In my design I included a chair, a couch, a table with a puzzle, a book on it, and a butterfly picture on the wall. The chair and the couch represent the place in which I will be counseling patients. The table with the puzzle and the book represent where my patients will be tested and observed by me. The butterfly picture on the wall represents a inkblot painting. These are usually used for testing patients for certain personality disorders. Everything in my office space would be directed towards my patients.

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police brutality

 The police system has been here for us for many years to protect our society. Over the years the police system has evolved and with this evolution of the police system we the people seem to notice that the police’s purpose has changed and we have seen the increase of police brutality. Police brutality is the use of excessive force that exceeds the necessary amount of force that is needed to handle a situation. Police have been trained to fight and protect us from any situation that comes their way. If police feel threatened in any way they will kill if they feel it is necessary. The problem with this is that they take their authority to far. People have not been taking this lightly and the more this happens and the more innocent people are being killed the more the society is noticing. In recent years a group called Black Lives Matter has been formed to bring awareness to black lives that have been unlawfully killed by police.   

There needs to be a end to this. With the sudden awareness of police brutality people have been trying to find a way to prevent this. Awareness groups,proper police training,and body camera can be  possible solutions to this problem. Body cameras have been required to be worm by police officers in certain states the problem with is this is that these cameras are the police officers personal property and it is their decision if they wanna give up this information or not. We need to enforce a rule that requires the police to give up the video information. Police get off easily too often and the information from these videos would give justice to victims that has been wrongfully done. We will only find a solution to this problem with the awareness and support form others. 

In the image above we have 2 situations shown. The first is a police officer that has shot a black person and the hands represent the the media and the contribution they have towards this. The second situation is a white male that has robbed a bank and there is no one around him noticing what he is doing. In this image the principle designs of emphasis,proportion, and variety are shown. The two separate parts with the cop and the bank robber grab the viewers attention. Every aspect of this image is in proportion. Everything thing is in its correct position and no part is too small or too large. The variety of parts used in this image help guide the audiences attention and helps them understand the overall concept. 


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